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What’s the priority: Getting out of pain or regular preventative maintenance?

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Pain or Prevention? Your Choice!

I think of the analogy of worn tires. Without getting a wheel alignment or even straightening the chassis, the tires will constantly wear quicker. Which is more value for money – regular replacement of irregularly worn tires, or investing in keeping alignment at its optimum? Most mechanics won’t do an alignment unless you purchase all new tires. So which in this life do we treat better? Our cars or our backs? Or do we ride both into the ground?


The answer to the above question, in my opinion, is both. Just that one is short term and one is long term. Short term priority is living without pain (replace the wheels). Pain is both unpleasant and long term pain can cause other issues that relate to health and not just physically, but psychologically as well. Long term priority is getting the body as resilient as possible (wheel alignment, etc) which has its own benefits both physically and psychologically.

For want of a better analogy: let’s aim for better performance, better endurance, and a smoother ride.

About the author:

Simon Gunn is a Remedial Massage and Spinal Reflex Therapist with a special Interest in muscle and joint injuries which are not responsive to other modalities.

I have a passion for seeing people overcome injuries or ongoing niggles, whether lower back or neck pain, headaches, joint discomfort, leg length differences, scar tissue build up, or similar. My approach is to use remedial massage training to realign the body first.

I provide corporate massage treatment which has challenged me to find fast, effective solutions in pressure environments. Click here to visit my Mobile Business. This has led me to train in Spinal Reflex Therapy as a means of quickly identifying and treating source issues. I also would like to think that I have a good sense of humor and a sympathetic ear.

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