When a muscle becomes tight, often through overuse, poor posture or injury, a “trigger point” can sometimes form.

Traditional massage strokes are sometimes not adequate to remove a trigger point and restore the muscle to a healthy, pain-free state.

This is where dry needling is an invaluable tool for the practitioner. The word “Dry” in Dry Needling means that the needle is a solid filament 0.25mm-0.30mm needle and carries no liquid like a “hypodermic” or “Wet” needle would. By inserting this tiny, sterile needle into the trigger point we are able to cause a “microtrauma”. A targeted message to the brain, which results in the muscle relaxing and increased blood flow to the area which brings with it much needed healing nutrients.


Who and what can Dry Needling help with?

Dry needling can help everyone and anyone at any age. It can help with just about every soft tissue/overuse injury or issue and can be used from your broadest to the most specific problem or concern. Eg:

  • Trigger points
  • Muscle tension
  • Neck/Jaw pain
  • Tennis elbow
  • Rsi/overuse issues
  • Posture
  • Sporting injuries
  • Plantar fasciitis

Just to name a few. It can be incredibly beneficial to healing old injuries/scar tissue with the microtrauma it causes and very effective on stubborn trigger points/muscles.

What to expect?

Everybody is hesitant when hearing about dry needling, well needles in general and that it can be offered within their normal Myotherapy treatment. I’m here to assure you that it is not as scary or as painful as you think! In fact, not even close. In a treatment with dry needling expect the practitioner to inform you with the above information. Assuring you that when the needling is performed, to breath normally, that it will feel like a sensation as opposed to pain and that the needles are only in for 3-10mins. Heat is directly applied afterward to bring more circulation and soothing warmth to the area to better aid recovery and repair.

For the clients I have used dry needling on, every one of them found it to be very effective, barely painful (if any), responded quickly and healed faster than if I was to just perform massage strokes. They were all very happy with that result!

I encourage everyone to have and try Dry Needling, you will be surprised!

If you have any questions or would like more information simply call reception on 5998 4554 and we would be happy to help.

Happy Needling!

About the Author:

Natasha works with Dr. Andrew Arnold at Cranbourne Family Chiropractic. Natasha offers Remedial massage, Deep tissue massage, Sports massage, and Relaxation massage. Natasha is a qualified Myotherapist, completing a 3-year Diploma of study at Kangan Institute. Natasha believes massage can improve a person’s well-being in so many ways. It is extremely rewarding helping someone relieve their pain and enhance their quality of life. Natasha loves spending time with friends, nightlife, basketball and softball, movies and downtime at home. She is a member of the Association of Massage Therapists (AMT).

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