Ease back pain during pregnancy

It is quite common for women to experience back pain during pregnancy. Not only are you carrying a significant amount of extra weight, your body is also changing shape. Chiropractic technique is a safe, non-invasive way to bring relief from back pain during pregnancy.

To read more detail about how chiropractic can benefit you in a number of ways throughout pregnancy, please download our Chiropractic and Pregnancy PDF.

It is also wise to remember the basics of back care when you are pregnant:

  • Safe lifting technique
  • Good posture
  • Sleep on your side
  • Stay active


Chiropractic for babies

Being born is a pretty traumatic experience – it’s probably a good thing we don’t remember it! Delivering a healthy baby into the world is a wonderful thing. There can be a few lumps and bumps along the way. All babies should be checked for spinal misalignment – along with their mums.

Many parents bring their newborn babies in for chiropractic check up and adjustments. This can help enormously if your baby is restless, or maybe showing signs of head turning. It is also part of making sure your baby has a happy and healthy start to life.

For more information, download our Babies and Chiropractic Patient Information PDF.

Special rates apply for babies. Please visit our Fees page by clicking here.