If ‘Cracking’ is not your thing, no problem! We offer safe, gentle, ‘Non-Crack’ Chiropractic Care Alternatives:

Network Chiropractic Technique

The methods used by Network Care practitioners may cause the body to produce visible, or felt, waves that travel throughout the body releasing tension and stored information. The typical result is a person feeling more flexible and at ease, breathing more freely, coping with stress better and having a dramatically enhanced experience of life. The technique involves feather touch usually on the base and top of the spine. The technique is not only completely safe, but effective, and especially great for babies, children and the elderly.

Network Care has had some of the largest studies ever performed into the effectiveness of chiropractic. With its many reported benefits, it has also prompted the development of dramatically different ways to research and measure ‘wellness’.

One study conducted by senior researchers at the University of California assessed over 2,800 people under Network Care. The results showed that people experienced benefits including greater energy, improved flexibility, reduced symptoms and pain, greater capacity to cope with stress, improved mental clarity and performance, higher productivity, greater ability to adapt to change, increased self-confidence and satisfaction with self, work and life.

The benefits from care were measurable from as early as one month, and they continued over time, appearing to have no upper limit, meaning that people continued to improve as long as they continued care. These makes Network Care a true ‘wellness care’ as compared to orthodox medicine and some natural health care practices which seek only to restore a person to a non-symptomatic state. In comparing the effectiveness of Network Care with other healthy lifestyle practices like meditation, yoga, eating well and minimising toxic behaviours (e.g. smoking), research showed that Network Care improves quality of life more than twice as much as all the other healthy lifestyle practices combined.

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No Crack Chiropractic


This technique also uses virtually no force. It involves a combination of EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping and a Chiropractic developed technique called Neurolink or Neurological Integration Systems.

The Chiropractor will use muscle testing or Kinesiology to determine which part of your body is out of alignment with the nervous system. This could be anything from sugar metabolism, hormones to a part of the spine.

The Chiropractor will then ask you to contact parts of the head, face or body part whilst he/she taps on around your scalp. The reason for this is to stimulate mechanical receptors on the scalp which relate to different parts of the brain. What this achieves is a synchronising between the body part not working properly and the part of the brain coordinating it.

Like Network care, this technique is great for babies, Kids and the elderly, and for those conditions not specifically related to the muscular-skeletal system.

Other Low Force techniques


We also use an instrument called an Activator (see picture). This a gentle tool used to adjust the spine and extremity joints. It is specific, gentle and safe. This is often used on new-born babies along with Chiro-Tap and Network techniques.

Impulse Adjusting Instrument:

This revolutionary device is an upgrade to the Activator. It has a microchip computer with Patented Auto-Sense® Technology built in to a handheld tool that  provides direct and instant feedback to both patient and practitioner. An audible indicator during the adjustment allows the Doctor to make necessary adjustments during the consultation. The tool provides a visual assessment of improved spinal motion as frequency changes from 5-12Hz during adjustment.

The device is probably the most researched and credentialed treatment protocol in Chiropractic today and provides safe, gentle, non-crack, spinal and extremity adjustment for all ages, from pre-natal to the elderly.


SOT or Sacro-Occipital Technique

This style of Chiropractic uses wedges or blocks which are placed under your pelvis either lying on your back or front. The idea is your body weight gently creates the pelvic correction.


This involves using muscle testing, an effective way to determine what needs correction.