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With the meteoric rise of t20 cricket in recent times and the AMAZING summer of cricket just passed, fans of all ages could be seen flocking to their local ground or park with the bat, ball and stumps in hand to emulate what they see their heroes on the TV screen and international cricketing venues doing.

As such, there is a LOT of cricket being played.  Year round in fact for the megastars of the game!  And with t20 being a shorter and INCREDIBLY FASTER form of the traditional game, short term injuries and niggles are becoming more and more common on and off the field.


A bowler may begin to have issues with their shoulders or elbows while a batsman might feel their lower back or hamstrings giving them trouble due to the “all-out effort” required for t20 cricket.

So how do you stop or control these issues?  And more importantly, who can help?

A myotherapist with a good working knowledge of the game can not only keep those annoying niggles at bay, they will employ a variety of manual therapy techniques as well as EDUCATION and CRICKET SPECIFIC exercise prescription so that you can hit the next cricket game/season head-on, play at your ultimate best and allow you to take control of how your body responds to the various rigors of the game that you love BEFORE AND AFTER you get onto the cricket field!

About the author:

Vin Chand is a Myotherapist at Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre.

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