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Stretching before exercise-Do or Don’t?

Karen Whittley
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In the health field there always seems to be experts arguing over something, some things we do for a very long time then new research comes along and we realize there might be a better way. We are all so different that sometimes what works for one person might not necessarily help another.


Dr. Andrew Arnold adds, ‘Stretching before we exercise is something that has been instilled in most of us since primary school’.

We are less likely to injure a muscle if we warm up before suddenly starting a strenuous movement. Recently however there has been some debate over whether it really is a good idea, stretching a muscle lengthens it, if we are about to run a sprint surely we want our muscle firm and ready to take the weight, not lengthened and stretched and relaxed?

As is often the case balance is always best, running or lifting weights on cold muscles is not good but neither is thoroughly lengthening and stretching a muscle before we want to use it. The consensus seems to be warm up with maybe a light jog and some dynamic stretches (eg. Swinging, leg back and forth) and saving the prolonged targeted stretches for after your exercise.

Always listen to your body and heed the advice of your trainer, book in with Karen for awesome exercise programs and tips!

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Karen is a past Remedial Massage Therapist and a fully trained Personal Trainer at Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Ctr.

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