Dr. Andrew Arnold talks about Rollerskating and hip pain, a surprising connection

Last week I had the privilege to go roller skating or should I say rollerblading with my 11year old daughter, Bella and two of her friends at our local rollerskating rink. The last time I did this was about 30 years ago, I was 17!

So as expected I was a little apprehensive particular as I am a Chiropractor and obviously do not want a wrist or hand injury!!!

I couldn’t resist, however, the opportunity of roller skating with my beautiful girl so it was on.

I was born with Congenital hip Dislocation complicated with hip dysplasia or abnormal hip / femoral head growth. As a result, my right hip is not the same as the left, leaving with the structural short leg and chronic, episodic hip pain ranging from 1-2 to 9 out of 10.

This was the other concern I had. If rollerskating aggravates my hip any more than it already is, I’m in for hip pain for the next 3mths.

Anyway, the lure of having a cool night with my girl and her friends was worth the risk.

So we arrive at the rink. I grab the traditional boot skates. Not the best look. I carefully roll out onto the rink vice-like grip on the side rails, my feet crammed into these not so attractive boots.

The first lap was done, so far so good.

I then notice rushes of air whizzing past me. That was teen roller bladers whipping by at lightning speed. Hold on, roller blades.

I now have roller blades on, much easier, surprisingly.

Another lap down, then another, going well.

And no hip pain! Strange.

I then start getting unprovoked coaching from a couple of guys somewhat older than me. “Looks like you’re pushing off with just your left foot, what’s the deal”. The 30-year break I say, and an old hip problem. “Doesn’t matter, don’t get into a bad habit, push off with both feet evenly”.

For the next 2 hours, this is all I did, absolutely focused, and I only went down once!

By the end of the night, I was pushing off with both feet and achieving some good momentum.

Still no hip pain!

The next morning, still no hip pain.

I’m now thinking DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness, and that means potential pain post-exercise 4 days + after.

But still no hip pain, in fact, my right hip feels stronger than ever. Strange but great.

My educated theory is blading exercises and balances the outside and inside hip muscles, the abductors and adductions respectively, rather than the muscles we use often the quads and hamstrings.

So Bella and I are hitting the rink, not literally, every Friday for a while to see if this theory is on the money, so far so good, stay tuned.

About the author:

Dr. Andrew Arnold is a Chiropractor who owns Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre with his wife Dr. Linda Wilson. Visit us online by clicking here for more information or call 59984554 for appointments.

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