image-posture-pole-itemWe have been recommending the Posture Pole for almost 15 years with great results and feedback. The Posture Pole works simply using your body weight and gravity. You simply lie on the pole and let gravity do the rest.Essentially your spine is gently tractioned which helps reduce the curves in your spine. What this means is less hunch, sway and forward head posture.15 mins per day is all that is needed.Your posture is important because every 2-3cm your head slips forward, the load on your neck and shoulder muscles DOUBLES! The Posture Pole…
  • improves Posture by comfortably lengthening the spine.
  • counters slouching and slumping with gravity.
  • may help reduce a neck/upper back hump.
  • is safe and effective body awareness exercise helping achieve a more relaxed upright posture.
  • is terrific as an after-exercise relaxation and upper body stretch.
  • is an ideal position to meditate; helps quietens the mind, relaxes muscles and aids deeper breathing.
  • works in harmony with Chiropractic care.


Purchase a Posture-pole and try it for 90 days. If, within that time, you don’t feel more upright and get relief from neck, shoulder and upper back pain that comes on after studying at your desk, riding a bike, playing an instrument, working with a slumped forward head posture… you be the sole judge… we will instantly refund every cent you paid. No questions asked!Check in with your practititioner or our reception for more information or to have a demonstration.