image-products-posture-medic-largeWearing a Posture-medic device for a limited time each day may assist you by re-activating or training the core postural muscles located between the shoulder blades

Postural muscles are both consciously and unconsciously controlled, so it is not always easy targeting them with conventional gym exercises. The Posture Medic both actively and passively gently strengthens and switches on these muscles.

If you ever attended a gym you may know our back muscles are generally weaker than our front muscles mainly due to the fact that most occupations exert the front muscles more.

As a Chiropractor I love the Posture Medic. It is an easy to use posture aid which enables my patients to exercise whilst working or doing sport. I also believe this supports Chiropractic treatment but ultimately, you need to be your own judge!

As a bonus, you can use the Posture Medic as an exerciser, and these tips are included in the box.