Foot Orthotics


Most insurance companies offer a rebate for Foot Levelers Foot Orthotics. To find out how much you’re entitled to, simply quote F221. You’ll be surprised just how little it takes to get you into the world’s number 1-Foot Orthotics, made by Chiropractors, for Chiropractic Patients.

Custom made Soft Foot Orthotics


We recommend and prescribe Foot Levelers Inc., the largest supplier of custom-made orthotics to the Chiropractic profession. Up to 16 measurements are taken from your foot scan. Normally, when we stand, our weight is distributed along three arches in the foot ending at the heel (50-60%) and at the ball of the foot (40-50%).

Collapse or dysfunction of these arches places more pressure on the other two and will eventually lead to osteo-arthritic degeneration and pain, both in the foot and elsewhere. This may mean knee, hip, spinal and pelvic chronic symptoms. Furthermore, your feet are asymmetrical, this can have major ramifications for your whole body balance and neurological well-being.

For this reason, and in addition to a thorough clinical examination, it is essential to assess your spine using X-ray analysis and your weight distribution using OUR FOOT SCANNER.

The A.S.R. treatment plan:


It is essential your spine and other joints are checked and adjusted, to ensure optimal mechanical and neurological function.


Custom made orthotics or spino-pelvic stabilisers, designed from your FOOT SCAN, decrease the stresses on the feet, knees, pelvis and spine. Any pronation (flat feet) can benefit from a stabiliser.


Exercises can be designed to help develop and maintain strength in your spinal, core and extremity muscles.

At Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre, our trained staff will organise a specific appointment for you where your FEET will be digitally scanned. Your Chiropractor, Myotherapist or Massage Therapist will assess and report these back to you at your next appointment with any relevant recommendations.

Please feel free to download the Orthotic catalogue here.

12 month full money back and workmanship guarantees apply. Conditions apply.

To arrange a foot scan simply call our reception. A charge of $35 applies, deducted from the purchase price, if orthotics are recommended and you decide to purchase.