Nutritional Supplements

We recommend a wide range of ‘practitioner only’ nutritional supplements.Enquire at reception or ask your practitioner.

Exercise Equipment

We can recommend and supply exercise equipment at competitive prices in combination with a tailored exercise program.Enquire at reception or ask your practitioner.

Rehabilitation Aids

We can also prescribe, supply and fit a wide range of rehabilitation aids such as back supports, tennis elbow splints, patella splints etc.Enquire at reception or ask your practitioner.

Beds & Pillows

Our bedding range is designed by leading Chiropractors and other healthcare professionals in conjunction with one of the major bedding manufacturers in Australia.Find out more

The Posture Pole

Your posture is important because every 2-3cm your head slips forward, the load on your neck and shoulder muscles DOUBLES!Read more

Foot Orthotics

Your feet are your foundation and like the foundation of a house, if this collapse cracks may appear in your walls…your spine and jointsFind out more

The Posture Medic

The Posture Medic is ‘hybrid’ exerciser and postural brace/support that helps improve and correct poor postureRead more

Resistance Bands

We recommend using resistance bands. Safe, gentle and graded exercise which can be used from teens to the elderly, and for specific injury rehabilitation to Postural correctionRead more

Exercise & Stretch Rollers

Exercise Rollers are an excellent way to stretch hard to reach parts of your bodyRead more

Hand Exercisers

We recommend a simple, easy to use range of hand exercisers of varying resistancesRead more