Poor Posture means Poor Health!


Your head weighs on average 8kgs! That’s the same as a bowling ball. When you bend your neck forwards, the muscles on the back of neck inevitably get tighter due to head weight and its momentum. It’s like a brick on the end of a fishing line. It is helpful if you slide your head back and tuck your chin in for 20 seconds. You can also rotate from side to side. Avoid side bending and circular movements as this more likely to aggravate muscles and ligaments.


Dr. Andrew Arnold states, ‘When your upper back is hunched your shoulders also roll forwards. This increases the stress affecting the shoulder.’

This may then lead to inflammation and pain. Its helpful roll the shoulder backward, take the arm in front and across the body, reach down the back and up the back. These are considered safe stretches.


The Wrist is almost always subject to repetitive motion. Many occupations and sports can lead to wrist injury and instability. Ice, Soda crystal baths and rest are helpful, possibly also bracing and support.

Low back

Low back pain affects a large % of the population. Sitting, bending and lifting particularly whilst twisting cause the most load to the low back discs. Carrying extra weight, older age and poor health condition also impact negatively. Safe stretches are standing feet together side bending and pushing your tummy forwards.


Often aggravated driving or sitting, particularly with a wallet in the back pocket. A lumbar low back support is helpful.


If you sit for a while with your knee bent, this creates a lot of pressure on your knee joints, especially on ligaments and cartilages. Osteoarthritis may further complicate things. Stretch your thigh and calf muscles and take care of choosing shoes or orthotics.

About the author:

Dr. Andrew Arnold is a Chiropractor at Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Ctr.

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