In 1989, Dr Andrew Arnold graduated as a Naturopath. Since then, the healthcare landscape has changed considerably. The Naturopath forms part of the ‘alternative’ allied health team.

In 1989, I graduated as a Naturopath. Since then, the healthcare landscape has changed considerably.

The Naturopath forms part of the ‘alternative’ allied health team.

What is Naturopathy?

According to the Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA), Naturopathy is a (w)holistic approach to wellness care, founded upon the bodies’ innate self-healing capacity. Naturopathy is about utilising natural remedies and techniques to assist the healing process. By definition, holistic refers to treatment of the ‘whole’ person, not just the presenting symptom or sign.

How does a Naturopath treat the patient?

The fundamental Naturopathic treatment protocols may include…

  • Herbal Medicines to assist in the treatment and prevention of particular illnesses.
  • Dietary and nutritional advice to support a restorative approach to healing.
  • Lifestyle advice to empower the person to practice healthier habits.
  • Homoepathic medicines that may assist in the treatment of particular illnesses.

Other treatments that may form part of Naturopathic practice include…

  • Hydrotherapy, that may support the body’s natural defences and circulation.
  • Compresses that may support circulation and reduce Pain
  • Flower essences aimed at emotional support.
  • Remedial Massage and soft-tissue therapies to assist with pain control and possibly enabling detoxification.
  • Colonic irrigation to assist with optimal bowel hygiene.

Who does a Naturopath treat?

Naturopathic treatment is always age appropriate and may assist with various presenting complaints.

  • The Naturopath typically treats, but not limited to, the following conditions…
  • Stress related problems
  • Digestive problems
  • Pre-menstrual tension and general aches and pains.

The Naturopath often co-manages the patient alongside the General Practitioner or other allied health.

Where did Naturopath originate? (Courtesy ANTA)

Naturopathy dates back to the 18th- and 19th-century. At this time therapies including hydrotherapy (water therapy), born in Germany and ‘nature cure’, developed in Austria (use of food, air, light, water, and herbs as treatment) were popular.

‘Benjamin Lust, a German immigrant, first introduced naturopathy to the United States in 1902 when he founded the American School of Naturopathy. The school emphasised using natural cures, proper bowel habits, and proper hygiene as the essential tools for health. This was the first time that dietary principles, like increasing fibre intake and minimising saturated fats, became popular. In the mid-1920s to 1940s, while allopathic medical training and pharmaceuticals and medical technologies gained notoriety, use of naturopathic medicine declined. It was not until the 1960s that naturopathic-style holistic medicine regained popularity. Today, naturopaths are licensed primary care providers in many states offering information and advice on various alternative and complementary therapies, including homeopathy, vitamin and mineral supplements, Traditional Chinese Medicine, relaxation techniques, and herbal remedies.’ [1]

When should I seek Naturopathic care?

  1. You are what you eat! Your Naturopath will determine exactly what foods you need and which ones you don’t according to your body and health needs.
  2. Don’t rattle with pills! Your Naturopath will determine an exact prescription ensuring you only take what you need and your supplements interact properly with other medications.
  3. All my GP blood tests appear normal, but I still don’t appear right! Your Naturopath will help you fill in the gaps, with allergy, cholesterol, pH, zinc tallies, blood sugar etc.
  4. I don’t want to complicate my GP treatment. Naturopathic treatment aims to support medical care helping effectiveness. Naturopaths work with GPs to help you reach the best outcomes.
  5. Naturopaths understand natural health care. Naturopaths are well positioned both in training and experience to manage you and your family’s natural health care, working with your doctor and other professionals to ensure you maintain the best of health.

Our Naturopaths are trained at the highest standards and offer years of experience. You can elect an acute, short appointment to attend to a relatively simple problem like cough or cold, or a longer consult to get to a deeper issue.

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