When we meditate our brains vibrate at a specific frequency. This frequency lowers during the day when we are busy and maybe stressed! In fact, everything which is matter has its own particular resonance frequency and this needs to be in balance with that which is around it or us, in order to maintain health and wellbeing. So essentially if you’re vibration is out of sync with the vibrations around you, this has a negative impact on your health. You would have experienced this many times but not understood what was going on. Think about when you’re a day just isn’t flowing, it’s like you paddling upstream.

The kids are getting on our nerves, clients are late or not showing up, you’re the boss is grating on you etc. Your reaction to these external influences is in part due to your vibration or resonance or frequency is out of sync with your environment.

Recently I have been investigating efficient, easy and effective ways to help get you back in alignment.

The creative and transformative potential of sound has been scientifically verified.

Dr. Andrew Arnold talks about 432 and 528Hz being a perfect frequency to help re-align your brainwaves with that of your environment, fundamentally the earth.

Solfeggio Music is the name referred to as 432 and 528Hz vibration sounds.

There are many websites with information on this topic. Also if you use Pandora, Itunes or YouTube you will find examples.

The sounds are in stereo and slightly different from left to right so you need to use headphones.

What can healing frequencies do for you?

By listening to Solfeggio,

  • release yourself from stress
  • speed up healing and recovery
  • expand creativity and consciousness
  • enhance memory
  • raise your energy
  • unlock your potential

So before you reach for a pill, or get yourself wound up, think about 30mins time out, pop the headphones on and give this a go. It’s worked for me.

Dr. Andrew Arnold is a Chiropractor and Naturopath, and principal and owner of Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellbeing Centre. Click here to visit his website.

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