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At Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre and The Myo-Room, this is something I do every day and the part I enjoy about my job I love the most, even when I was a Personal Trainer before I became a Clinical Myotherapist. Often patients will come into the practice with an issue; let’s say walking given my earlier post this week. I will take them through a series of steps to determine the cause of the problem, and then educate them on how to correct the problem.

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1. Patients History: crucial to better understand the background of the issue (e.g. breaks, stroke, MS)
2. Movement Analysis: Visually assessing their gait and movement patterns
3. Orthopedic Test: determines, weakness, strengths, compensation patterns
4. Treatment: Soft tissue therapy, joint mobilization, stretching to re-calibrate
5. Exercise Prescription: Strengthen weak muscles, teach correct movement patterns
The best thing I can do for my patients is to educate them on optimum function and health. As you may have heard me say before in past posts, it’s your application and what you do away from treatment session that really determines your results.

About the Author: Ben Dillon

I have been in health and fitness for five years, with a focus on rehabilitation and sports. I hold a Bachelor of Health Science – Musculoskeletal Therapy, Diploma of Remedial Massage and Certificates III and IV in Fitness.

Over the years I have worked with my clients to achieve their specific goals ranging from police and military fitness training, sports preseason training and injury management.

From an early age, I had participated in many different sports. Having a background in sports such as basketball and football my whole life I decided to live my passion and become a Personal Trainer.

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