Last minute healthy Christmas gift ideas!

Dr. Andrew Arnold talks about some last minute Christmas ideas.

1.     Juicer/Blender

There is no better way to encourage healthy eating habits than to get someone you care a juicer or a blender.   For those who do not consume enough fruits and vegetables, juicing or blending up a smoothie is a great way to consume more nutrition that is beneficial for your body. There are also a wide range of brands out there that makes affordable blender or juicer.

2.     Relaxation gift vouchers

Christmas celebrations can be both fun and stressful at the same time. Christmas shopping, cooking up festive meals and planning for getaways for the family can get overwhelming if we haven’t got a clear headspace that’s why it is important to set some time for relaxation before the new year. Gift vouchers for yoga, Pilates, meditating classes, massages, spa or beauty pampering sessions are all great and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones.

3.     Portable swimming pool

A portable swimming pool gets the kids some fun time out in the sun during their school holidays, perfect for summertime. Exercising underwater is also a great way for someone having chronic joint pain to get some light weight-bearing exercises done. There is a wide range of portable swimming pools that you can purchase online depending on the size you’re after.

If all else fails, just remember Christmas is about enjoying the company of each other and eating up a hearty meal.

All of us here at Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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