Dr. Andrew Arnold talks about the general symptoms of jaw disorder, a clicking sound whenever you open your mouth.

That’s because the disc inside the joint doesn’t properly move forward and backward accompanying with your jaw’s movement. However, the strange sound doesn’t mean you have dysfunction as long as you don’t have accompanying pain. If you have a disorder, it sometimes causes headache, toothache, facial pain, eye pain, neck and shoulder pains.


It’s like catching a cold, there is no complete cure for jaw problems. However, you can get muscle relief surrounding the joints and joint adjustment if necessary. Other option for treatment would be EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) to manage your stress level and change your habit like teeth grinding or clenching.


It’s no good to open your jaw wide often, but it’s beneficial to open wide for 10 seconds in order to stretch the tissues of joints once or twice a day especially in the morning. Then you can softly massage the joints by yourself. Hot pack or wet towel would be a help as well. It will help blood circulation and relieve the muscles. It can be developed in childhood related to bad habits. Let your children avoid sleeping on the desk with their jaw on the forearm, biting their fingernail, or forward head postures when they are sitting on a chair.

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Dr. Andrew Arnold is a Chiropractor at Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Ctr.

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