There are many mechanisms for low back pain that may originate from the intervertebral disc.

Reduced disc height and structural change may result in pain in the disc itself because of increased enervation in degenerated intervertebral discs.


Loss of disc height not only leads to an overall change of posture but could contribute to altered loading on the vertebral bodies and facet joints of the spine, resulting in pain and possibly inflammations in the spinal joints.

In addition, the surrounding muscles of the spine may increase activation to counteract or restrict painful motion.

With bulging discs, we often relate to back pain, which can result in nerve root impingement, causing pain in areas of the body enervated by the impinged nerve.

Degenerated discs may release mediators that sensitize nerve endings.

Other painful disc related conditions include spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the vertebral foramen due to thickening of the ligaments, bones, and facet joints adjacent to space which impinging the nerve.

End plate degeneration or osteophytes, which are bony protrusions on the rims of the vertebral bodies, may also be a source of pain.

X-ray can be an effective tool to search the defects but you need to seek professional consultation for the right treatments and maintenance if you have abnormal signs and symptoms of disc degeneration.

Dr. Andrew Arnold says, ‘Chiropractors are well positioned to manage spinal disc problems.’

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About the Author:

Dr. Joe Cho, chiropractor

I have been living in Melbourne with my family since 2004. I was a mechanical engineer previously, for 9 years in South Korea before becoming a Chiropractor. Although the structural analysis of mechanical parts is a totally different field from chiropractic, there are also similar principles, namely, examining, planning, constructing and managing the hardware and software for optimal functioning. Posture under different conditions likewise shapes our body’s structure and should, therefore, be well maintained. My primary goal for my patients is getting them out of pain. I use various treatment approaches like adjustments, mobilization, and soft tissue techniques, to allow optimal stability and function.

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