A Weight Release Program

Tele-health consultations available for this service

Delivered by a qualified Hypnotherapist.

Mind your bodyWe all know that diets don’t work long term to help you shed excess weight, and that most people eventually put on all the weight they have lost and more.

Hypnosis may assist you with managing weight gain.

It works by harnessing the power of our subconscious mind to better understand and change the patterns, habits, beliefs and thoughts that are the reasons why we are using food to help us cope with the stresses and challenges of our lives.

This six week program has been engineered to help you focus on what’s working and what’s not, examining each of these areas and how they are preventing you from reaching a healthier and happier YOU!

What we cover:

  • Session 1: Understand your body and your ‘WHY’ for wanting to lose weight.
  • Session 2: Develop a positive relationship with your body.
  • Session 3: Learn mindful eating.
  • Session 4: Identify and change unhelpful eating habits.
  • Session 5: Become aware of your stress triggers that STOP YOU and develop strategies to OVERCOME these.
  • Session 6: Eliminate negative beliefs, thoughts and childhood patterning around food and create a POSITIVE WEIGHT MANAGEMENT MINDSET.

What you get:

  • SIX ONE HOUR, ONE ON ONE INDIVIDUALISED SESSIONS: targeted to your individualised needs
  • WORKBOOK: You will receive a workbook with ideas, activities and actions to record your progress as well as an individualised recording to listen to during the program. The core focus of this program is to gradually achieve successful, healthy, positive and permanent lifestyle changes that will help you to look and feel great.
  • ACCESS TO OUR MONTHLY SUPPORT GROUP: We host a support group at the clinic each month focusing on health, exercise, weight, stress management…using, tapping, relaxation, meditation, visualisation techniques and more in a safe and supportive group environment.To register your interest simply let us know when you book in for this program.


6 x 1 hour sessions, $840 (Normally valued at $960). Payment options available.


Ulli Baxter  Ulli Baxter – Clinical Hypnotherapist

How to Register:

Simply call our reception on 5998 4554, and we’ll do the rest.

Not Sure?

Call us now. We offer a short consultation for $50 so you can meet Ulli and talk any questions through. If you choose to go ahead, the $50 fee is subtracted from the total cost.