Cupping is a powerful method to help increase blood circulation to tired and injured muscles.

It is used by a variety of health practitioners including T.C.M. or Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Remedial Massage Therapists, and Myotherapists.


Essentially a plastic or glass cup is used to help improve blood flow to the area where the suction cup has been applied. A pump is used to create suction.

Dr. Andrew Arnold adds, ‘The mechanism is thought to be by stretching the muscle and connective tissue or Fascia, helping break up adhesion and areas of tightness.’

Cupping may look painful particularly when the practitioner drags the cups up and down the muscles. It is not, however, as painful as it looks and while they may be some discoloration left after some cupping which looks like a deep bruise, most patients quickly forget they’ve had the treatment and the discoloration fades.

At Cranbourne Family Chiropractic & Wellness Centre, our Myotherapists cupping after some initial warm-up massage has been performed. The cups are applied to areas needing a bit more treatment than a message. After cupping we often administer more massage and soft tissue therapy to help the circulation and blood flow flush out the toxins that have been released into the body form the cupping treatment.


On occasion, you may feel a dizzy or lightheaded afterward. This is normal.

Take your time getting up afterward, as being head down on the treatment table for a period of time can create low blood pressure. Drink plenty of water after your treatment, especially when you get back to work or home. Water helps flush out the toxins from your body too.

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