Herbal Medicine and Supplements

You wouldn’t normally go to a doctor and demand prescribed medication because you know your doctor needs a reason to give you medication.

Herbal medicine works in exactly the same way.

Dr. Andrew Arnold talks about your naturopath and naturopath prescriptions.

A Naturopath won’t prescribe supplements just because you ask for them. He or she needs to be sure that you actually need them for health reasons and that they are compatible with your current physical condition and any other medications you may be taking.

We aim to keep the prescriptions to a minimum because we know the body has a remarkable ability to heal itself. If however, your health is not improving or you have presented with a specific or acute condition, we will prescribe herbal medicines and/or supplements to help your body with the fight.

Step 1: Review your current situation.

Before we prescribe any supplements, we check your health and prepare a report of findings.

This is a critical step because the results will dictate our actions. They may even preclude someone from using herbal medicines. Remember, just because it’s natural, it doesn’t mean the supplement will suit everyone.

In step 1 we review your current medications, investigate any previous medical conditions, and consider any herb/drug interaction issues.

Step 2. Select herbal medicines.

Where we find it appropriate, we then prescribe a custom made, individualized supplements designed to act on several areas at the one time. There is no ‘over the counter’ supplement available that will work as well as one which is specifically created for your health needs.

It’s important that you understand why we have prescribed a supplement for you. Part of the consultation includes discussing this with you so you know what you are getting and why. You need to understand what is being recommended and know that you have the option to accept or reject the recommendation.

The benefits of herbal medicine and supplements.

When we prescribe supplements it’s because we know it will speed up progress by working holistically on all areas in their body. Unlike traditional medicine, which focuses on one issue such as pain or indigestion, herbal medicines treat the whole body. As a living organism, everything in your body is connected, and therefore a change in one area will have an effect on others. Herbal medicine helps reduce barriers to making progress.

How long do you need to take the supplements?

There should be no need to stay on supplements or herbal medicines indefinitely. We prescribe a course of medication that lasts usually for only a couple of weeks. It may then be followed by a different medication for another couple of weeks.

We regularly assess your progress and decide whether or not you need to stay on the supplements for a longer period or if they have done their job and helped your body to heal.

Throughout the process, you will always be in control. You choose whether or not you want to take the supplements and whether or not you wish to continue them if needed. We make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed choice. Yes, it’s about choice. This is your body and your health we’re talking about so we respect your decisions.

Happily, herbal medicines and supplements will never be a ‘take 2 and call me in the morning’ kind of solution. Instead, they help your body to heal itself and then you need to rely on them no more.

About the Author:

Dr. Andrew Arnold is a Chiropractor at Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Ctr.

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