Goals are strange things. For some people it is customary to set and achieve goals. For others the mere mention of the word ‘goal’ strikes fear to the core. I used to be one of those people. No one had ever taught me how to set goals properly.

There are many aspects to setting goals so that you are assured of success. Two of the most important to be aware of are

  1. The goals you set have to accurately reflect your values, and
  2. They have to have emotional congruence.

What does this mean?

Any goal you set is doomed if the achievement of that goal does not sit inside your values. For example, you might set a goal of owning a luxury property (because that is what other people tell you should value). However, you place far more value on owning a simple home outright with no interest in property other than this. Can you imagine how setting this goal for yourself is a waste of time. It sits outside of what you believe is important.

In addition, setting goals that provoke desire, excitement, a sense of success and other positive emotions supports us in our efforts. Using the same example as above, striving to obtain another property will not fill you with any of these positive emotions, the opposite. You might even become more stressed by this goal than excited about its achievement. The emotions that help us most when things get tough are our positive ones. So any goal you set needs to feel worthwhile to you! You actually need to want it.

There are many other aspects to setting goals effectively. To set goals you will actually achieve, book in a free coaching consultation with Linda.

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About the author:

Linda Wilson is an EFT (emotion freedom technique) and Hypnotherapy practitioner at Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre and a private consultant.

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