A primary focus of our care at Cranbourne Family Chiropractic is to assist you with any immediate pain and with the management of any ongoing pain issues.

If you have experienced acute and chronic pain for some time, you have probably started to think that immediate pain relief is out of reach. This may not be the case!

You don’t have to tolerate pain dominating your day. Instead, you can get out and enjoy everything life must offer. Depending on your condition and diagnosis pain relief and management may be possible!

Our approach to treating and managing pain:

  • Focussed on immediate pain relief
  • This includes long term strategies for healthy and pain-free living
  • Clinically justified treatment plans.
  • Referral to the appropriate health professional within the practice or a referral to another practice.

What kinds of pain do we treat?

There are many kinds of pain.  Accidents, stress, emotional or physical trauma, pregnancy, work or sports can all cause pain and we may be able to assist.

If you have avoided finding treatment because you’re worried it might hurt more than your pain, we understand. This is a common concern.  Our goal is work with you seeking feedback at every step so as to provide a gentle treatment process.

  • Chiropractic treatment may assist with pain reduction and management by gently mobilising joints and associated soft tissues. The amount of pressure we need to apply is determined by your feedback and preference in combination with achieving the best possible outcomes.
  • Myotherapy and Remedial Massage may assist with easing muscular pain and spasm caused by trauma or tension.
  • Stress and other emotional pain may be assisted with stress management and EFT treatment.
  • Hypnotherapy may assist with the pain of addiction, sleep deprivation, stress and phobias.

Why put up with pain when it can be managed so it doesn’t interfere with your life?

If you’re tired of struggling through your day instead of sailing through it with a smile on your face, book an appointment with us today.

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