A primary focus of our care at Cranbourne Family Chiropractic is to relieve any immediate pain you are in and assist with the management of any ongoing pain issues.

If you have experienced acute and chronic pain for some time, you have probably started to think that immediate pain relief is impossible. You will be excited to know you’re wrong.

You don’t have to tolerate pain dominating your day. Instead, you can get out and enjoy everything life must offer. Pain relief and pain management are available right here, right now.

Our approach to treating and managing pain:

  • Natural and holistic
  • Focussed on immediate pain relief
  • This includes long term strategies for healthy and pain-free living
  • Tailored to your needs and condition
  • This can be with any modality – whichever is most suited to your condition

What kinds of pain do we treat?

There are many kinds of pain.  Accidents, stress, emotional or physical trauma, pregnancy, work or sports can all cause pain, and they can all be treated with our effective therapies.

If you have avoided finding treatment because you’re worried it might hurt more than your pain, we can assure you that pain treatment and management with us is highly effective while still being gentle.

  • Chiropractic treatments bring pain relief by easing pressure on tender nerves. Some techniques use virtually no force, are gentle and relaxing and yet extremely powerful and effective
  • Myotherapy and Remedial Massage eases muscular pain caused by stress and tension. It’s releasing and relaxing.
  • Stress, depression and emotional pain may be helped with stress management and EFT energy therapies.
  • Hypnotherapy may help you beat the pain of addiction, sleep deprivation, stress and phobias.
  • Naturopathy can help reduce pain associated with ongoing chronic conditions, digestive problems and other difficulties.

Why put up with pain when it can be managed so it doesn’t interfere with your life?

If you’re tired of struggling through your day instead of sailing through it with a smile on your face, book an appointment with us today.

Book an appointment today on 03 5998 4554.