The Chiropractic Care Plan has been designed to reward you for your commitment to your health by providing a discounted rate for regular maintenance.

Chiropractic often requires multiple visits to firstly address the immediate issue, then to correct the underlying cause and prevent future re-occurrence, followed by periodic check-ups and adjustments as you move to proactive maintenance and self-management.

During the proactive maintenance phase of periodic check-ups and adjustments you can opt for our Chiropractic Care Plan.

What is the CARE PLAN rate?

The Care Plan offers a special rate of $56 for any client who gets adjusted every four weeks and comes with the following benefits:

  • Any additional visits also fall into this fee category
  • Because you pre-book you have the appointment most convenient to you minimum of 4
  • You will get the maximum benefit from your care by being adjusted regularly
  • We know this form of care saves you money in the short AND long term

All we require is pre-booking, minimal rescheduling and no missed appointments.



  • Discount applies to Chiropractic visits only.
  • Comes into effect after the initial course of treatments – usually at the 8th visit.
  • You must adhere to a Care Plan schedule of an adjustment every four (4) weeks.
  • We also reserve the right to restore you to normal fees should you fail to comply with these conditions.

What if I wish to cease the Care Plan schedule?

No problem, we respect and will support your choices. Regular fees apply if you are not on a Care Plan. Should you wish to resume a scheduled program of care at any time we are more than happy to return you to the Care Plan rate.