The Chiropractic Care Plan rewards you for your commitment to your health.

When you first see a Chiropractor, a course of treatment is recommended to firstly address the immediate issues.

As your initial symptoms are resolved, the next step is to address the underlying cause and prevent future re-occurrence.

We recommend that you come in for ‘periodic’ check-ups aligned to the first sign of symptoms returning.

We can also provide you with exercise and lifestyle advice to help you manage your condition and stay active.

During this proactive maintenance phase of ‘periodic’ check-ups and adjustments you may decide to opt for our Chiropractic Care Plan.

What is the CARE PLAN rate?

Once your initial symptoms and pain are more manageable we move you to our Care Plan rate. This is designed to support a ‘periodic check-up’ process, we don’t want you to delay treatment.

We want to encourage you not to leave it too long when your symptoms and pain may start to become unmanageable.



  • Care Plan ‘periodic care’ rates apply to Chiropractic visits only.
  • They comes into effect after the initial course of treatment which is usually signalled with a progress examination visit.
  • Of course, it may no longer be clinical indicated to continue Chiropractic treatment however, depending on the time-frame, upon re-presenting to the clinic with a new problem you may be treated as New Patient again and need to undertake our initial care process.