Physical activity is an important part of any healthy pregnancy.


 The benefits of physical activity for women with gestational diabetes include:

  • Helping to reduce insulin resistance
  • Helping to manage blood glucose levels

Dr. Andrew Arnold says, ‘pregnant patients always check with your doctor prior to commencing physical activity.’

This is especially important if you were not exercising regularly prior to your pregnancy or your diagnosis of gestational diabetes.

Moderate intensity exercise is beneficial. This is not the same as routine activities such as housework and shopping. A noticeable change in breathing and heart rate is required to achieve any benefit.

30 minutes of moderate exercise per day is all that’s required.  For example a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week to help manage gestational diabetes.

You may find it especially helpful to include some walking after meals to assist in controlling blood glucose levels

Guidelines for physical activity:

: Eating a healthy diet is paramount.

: Regular exercise, unless you’re GP, advises not to.

: Drink water during and after exercise.

: Clothing is very important so you don’t overheat. Something light and loose is ideal.

: Be aware of exerting yourself. Stop if fatigued or struggling for breath.

: Don’t exercise if you’re feeling unwell

: After 18 weeks avoid any exercise that involves lying on your back.  The weight of the uterus can put pressure on a major vein in the abdomen and impede blood flow back to the heart. This may cause you to faint.

About the Author:

Karen Whittley is a past Remedial Massage Therapist. Karen is also a fully trained Personal Trainer.

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