Evolution of Massage Therapy

Hope I don’t bore anyone here but history has always fascinated me and the job I find myself in today has come a long way over many years. Massage therapy dates back over 4000 years with origins in China, thought to be one of the first types of health care or treatment it has changed dramatically more recently over the last 50 years. For a time massage therapy was seen as extremely “fluffy”, “alternative”, merely “relaxing”, or worse-purely sexual in nature.

Dr. Andrew Arnold adds, ‘Now however it is an extremely accepted form of mainstream preventative health care, from the introduction of Diplomas in Remedial Massage and Degrees in Myotherapy, to registered and accredited governing bodies regulating Myotherapists and countless research proclaiming the benefits no one is in doubt of the validity of massage therapy and its benefits to physical and mental health.’

The very fact that health insurance companies now offer cover for Massage highlights how regular massage can be a lot less costly than injuries from tight, overworked, undertreated muscles. This is further illustrated every weekend when we watch AFL and other competitive sport, you can see massage therapists working right there alongside Dr’s and trainers to ensure optimal performance from the athletes.

The fact that massages feel great and are chance to stop and enjoy some “you” time is an added bonus, it is just as important to your health as regular dental checkups (but is much more enjoyable!)

So book in for a guilt-free health boost with absolutely no calories!

About the author: Lauren Gould is a past resident Myotherapist at Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre.

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