Dr. Andrew Arnold says, ‘It is a very common misconception that any time we have pain on the outside of the elbow we automatically think it is ‘tennis elbow’. 

In a lot of overuse cases, it actually is the clinical presentation of tennis elbow.

But not always.

One muscle that is hiding in plain sight so to speak in terms of physical therapists not assessing all possible causes of elbow pain is the brachioradialis.

This muscle, being the most superficial of the forearm muscles, lies right on top of the elbow and can mimic the exact same symptoms as tennis elbow in that you will have pain and weakness on twisting of the wrist and forearm.

So if you’re having elbow pain that isn’t really getting better with conventional tennis elbow treatments, consult with a physical therapist to get a thorough assessment of your elbow and forearm in order to determine if it is actually tennis elbow or brachioradialis pain mimicking tennis elbow.

About the Authors:

Vin Chand is resident Myotherapist and Personal Trainer at Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Ctr. Vin’s passion for all things health and fitness and a subsequent career in the same industry was apparent from a very early age due to a background in exercise and competitive sports.

Dr. Andrew Arnold is the principal Chiropractor.

A keen ‘need to know’ knowledge of the many wonderful mechanical processes of the human body led to a successful and perfectly suited career in personal training where his success stories were built around attention to detail, results-based training, and strong customer service.

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