Dry Needling Information with Lauren Gould, past Myotherapist who worked with Dr. Andrew Arnold from Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Ctr.

When a muscle becomes tight, often through overuse, poor posture or injury, a “trigger point” can sometimes form. This is a small contraction of muscle fibres in a muscle belly which can feel like a lump, usually about the size of a pea. It is sensitive to touch and can be very painful.

Traditional massage strokes are usually not adequate to remove a trigger point and restore the muscle to a healthy, pain-free state. Firm, concentrated pressure for up to 30-50 seconds on the painful spot is necessary to engage the sensory receptors in the brain, which kick in and tell the muscle to relax.

This is where dry needling is an invaluable tool for the practitioner, by inserting a tiny, sterile needle into the trigger point we are able to cause a “micro trauma” a very targeted message to the brain, which results in the muscle relaxing and increased blood flow to the area which brings with it much needed healing nutrients.

The actual needles are identical to those used in acupuncture, however, we are needling your muscles, whereas in acupuncture they are focusing on meridians and energy flow so the treatment is quite different.

A needle can seem like a scary concept for some of us but compared to a therapist sticking their thumb in a sore spot for nearly a minute it can be a very appealing alternative.

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