Vin Chand

Vin Chand

musculo-skeletal therapist / exercise professional

Special Interest in Chronic pain management, correctional and post surgery exercise.

Vin's passion for all things health and fitness, and a subsequent career in the same industry, was apparent from a very early age due to a background in exercise and competitive sports.

A keen 'need to know' knowledge of the many wonderful mechanical processes of the human body led to a successful, and perfectly suited, career in personal training where his success stories were built around attention to detail, results based training and strong customer service.

It was these exact reasons and the extreme desire to give to his clients something that would holistically go above and beyond what they were already receiving which led to the completion of a 3 year Bachelors Degree in Health Science with a major in Musculoskeletal therapy and minor in Remedial Massage.

With a very sharp eye for detail and a precise working knowledge and understanding of the human body combined with the mantra 'treating you as the individual you are', Vin's sessions are targeted towards FIXING you from the inside out and guaranteed to be meticulously specific to your needs and goals with IMMEDIATE and long lasting results!