Natasha Zaharias

Natasha Zaharias

spinal flow practitioner / myotherapist

Special Interest in Pain Relief, Shoulder and Hip complaints, and Deep Tissue Body Work.

Natasha has been with us for 10 years! She is a renowned Myotherapist passionate about the body and it’s healing, striving to help you feel pain free, stress free and improving any complaint you may have with the array of holistic techniques she possess.

Specialising in neck and shoulder issues, Natasha is an all round Myotherapist. She has a keen interest in all aspects of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. she enjoys treating all aspects of health and enjoys to work with lower back and gluteal dysfunction as well as the common postural strain and headache associated with facial issues, as well as addressing emotional causative factors and stress related issues. Natasha believes in a holistic approach to address a person’s symptoms whether they are muscular or psychosocial. Having a strong knowledge of the muscular system and more now of the nervous system with a new technique learning of Spinal Flow, Natasha will help you achieve great results, symptom relief and help identify causative factors, creating a plan to guide you to better long term health.

Amongst her multitude of hands on soft tissue techniques, Natasha also uses Myofascial Cupping, a technique using a silicone cup to break down fascia to release/relieve muscle tension as well as detoxify and bring circulation to areas of the body lacking movement and blood supply, encouraging healing and repair. She also uses dry needling wherever indicated to provide a quick and effective muscle release, aiding in pain/tension reduction and improved mobility. She also incorporates a style of ‘Spinal Flow’, a technique used to reintegrate the brain with the body, to enhance the body’s natural healing abilities with releasing blockages of the spinal cord enhancing the communication and integrity of the nervous system.

Natasha is passionate about healing and in her spare time she loves to hike out in nature, socialise with friends, family and her partner, with some down time at home maintaining her garden, doing some yoga, reading a book or enjoying some Netflix.