Dr. Linda Wilson

Dr. Linda Wilson

hypnotherapist / stress specialist

Special Interest in teaching people how to change unwanted thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Linda is the owner and founder of Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre with her husband, Andrew. I believe the Body and Mind are one system which is dynamic and complex. You cannot have a thought without it being reflected in the body. It is this link between the two that ensures our mental and emotional wellbeing impacts our physical well being and visa versa in both positive and negative ways. I also believe there are no 'broken' people.

After graduating from a Bachelor of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture and completing a Grad Dip in Education (Health) Linda went into practice as an Acupuncturist for several years. Linda continued to search for tools that embraced the wisdom of TCM but also incorporated the best of the leading edge research into the brain and the way it works; simple and powerful tools for herself and her clients.

After discovering EFT / Tapping in 2004 and completing studies both from overseas and within Australia Linda now uses these techniques extensively in practice. These techniques can create dramatic shifts in people and the way they interact with themselves and others. Linda often hears from her clients that nothing has gotten to the root of their problems faster and they didn't have to suffer in the process!

Linda is also a fully trained Hypnotherapist incorporating this into her sessions.

Linda loves going to the movies, reading, hanging out with friends and family and relaxing.
For Linda's Blog, click the link: http://www.empoweredchangeinme.com/