If manual Chiropractic treatment is not your thing, no problem! We offer an alternative: Instrument-assisted treatment.

The Impulse Adjusting Instrument

Along with thousands of other Chiropractors around the world we use the Impulse Adjusting Instrument. This device was specifically created to deliver gentle
and precise chiropractic adjustments to the joints of the spine and extremities to relieve pain and restore function. 

The Impulse Adjusting Instrument® is controlled by micro-computer circuitry housed within the device that produces a controlled force that chiropractors can use to treat different areas of the body.

No Crack Chiropractic

The Adjusting Instrument

We also use an more mechanically assisted instrument often referred to as an Activator or Adjusting Instrument. This a gentle tool used for Chiropractic treatment of the spine and extremity joints.


SOT or Sacro-Occipital Technique

This style of Chiropractic uses wedges or blocks which are placed under your pelvis either lying on your back or front. The idea is your body weight gently creates the pelvic correction.