Every body needs a 360 degree care plan, one that takes into account physical, emotional and mental health.

Because every person is different, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all plan for health and well-being, but these are the key areas you need to look after:

Proactive Health and Wellbeing

PhysicalStay active and attend to any injuries or problems as they arise (don’t let problems go without treatment – they just get worse).If you have acute or chronic pain, enquire about our Chiropractic, Myotherapy or Massage services. Exercise Consultancy is a great way to get an exercise plan tailored to you – your body and your lifestyle – with realistic goals you can achieve! And a consultation with our Naturopath Associate can address both acute and long terms issues.
Mental and EmotionalThe pressures of life get to everyone at different times. Seeking a little help when you need it is a positive move that will improve your mental and emotional health. Never think it is a sign of weakness – it is a sign of strength.Tapping, EFT, Stress Management and Massage services are designed to helping you to unwind, de-stress and create a more positive outlook on life.
SocialHuman beings are social creatures and we need to feel connected. Family ful-fills this role to an extent but there are also other ways to connect with people and lead a healthy and active social life.These can include sporting clubs, social clubs, groups and attending community events. Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre likes to play an active role in our local community and we often create special offers, such as our Genesis Gym membership special, to pass on to our clients.

Health and dietary advice for long term wellbeing

We’d all like to live a bit healthier, eat a bit better, exercise a bit more. It can be a challenge to fit these goals in among the day to day demands of life. There is so much health and dietary advice out there, it can lead to information overload. Healthy living slips down the priority list until an accident, illness or injury makes it important again.Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Healthy living is much easier when you have goals to work towards, strategies that work for you and above all, some support along the way.Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre is a complete care centre and one of our primary goals is to help people live healthier, happier lives