Dr. Linda Wilson is a stress specialist who works with various tools to achieve your goals. Some of these tools include hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Tapping, Mindset, and Body Awareness techniques and many other well-researched tools. Linda teaches clients how to use their mind to change behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that are creating blocks. Linda is passionate about empowering you to get the outcomes you desire.

How we can help you

Linda sees a variety of clients who need help with building motivation to achieve their goals. These can include goals such as weight loss, increasing exercise, increasing sales or conversions at work, giving up cigarettes, discipline to deliver a project on time, saving money or other goals that require a mindset shift.


When we are unable to stay motivated it is because what we think we want is different from what our subconscious thinks is OK for us to have. Motivation can only be sustained over the long term when what we want logically is the same as what we want emotionally -something both our subconscious and conscious mind are congruent with. However, if our goals are something we think we want but emotionally we are afraid of achieving we will not have the congruency and sustained motivation or drive to achieve it. Therefore building motivation is always about understanding your ‘WHY’; why do you want it? What will you feel when you have it and what will this create in your life? Then we need to know how to identify and clear our blocks to motivation. For example, why might it be a problem for you to achieve your goal…. Sometimes this can be tricky to identify as it is not always logical.

To maintain our motivation our ‘WHY’ has to be rock solid and our blocks understood. The end goal or achievement should be frequently visualized to help support our motivation and reinforce the need for the actions we have to take to achieve it. If we give the mind clear and ‘feel good’ pictures about where we are headed and what the outcome is going to be it will help us get there. This is also a great way to identify any new blocks that might crop up along the way as there will be resistance to clearly ‘seeing’ and ‘feeling’ your end outcome.

Other key aspects to building and maintaining motivation are to break goals down into mini goals. Small bite-sized and achievable steps build our ability to believe we will make it because multiple small successes along the way build confidence and keep motivation high.

How we work with you

Linda will work with you to design a program to teach you how to Identify your blocks and remove them, practice visualizing your desired outcome, understand and identify and practice the ‘good feelings’ that will be crucial to pave the way to your success.

To find out more visit www.drlindawilson.com

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