Dr. Linda Wilson talks about the challenge of breaking habits.

As we move through life we develop patterns of behavior called ‘habits’. All habits initially form as a way to solve some kind of problem. They are a solution to a situation that once occurred. 

The repetition of the habit will continue for as long as it offers a solution OR until we realize that it is a problem. At this time we can become frustrated and confused about where the habit came from, why we keep performing it and how to change it. 

Dr. Linda Wilson talks about the challenge of breaking habits.

Because habits solve a problem and they are extremely efficient in that the energy they take to perform is minimal, not only do they become strongly neurologically engrained but to reach maximum efficiency they slip into our subconscious mind making them ‘unconscious’. How often have you gotten halfway through the piece of cake before you realize that you got it out of the fridge, sliced it up, put it on a plate and started eating it! This is just one of the reasons habits are so difficult to change, they are unconscious.

Habits have a specific ‘architecture or structure’ according to James Clear.

Clear asserts that all the work we need to do to change a habit should first be focused on the ‘Cue’ stage. The ‘cue’ is the trigger that sets the whole unconscious or subconscious habitual behavior in motion. If we reduce the cues we reduce the practice of the habit. In his book ‘ Atomic Habits’ Clear gives a great example of returns VET’s who were using heroin whilst on tour who on returning home no longer used the drug. The triggers for heroin usage were largely completely disappeared so the unconscious desire for them disappeared. This turned the understanding of addiction on its head. Our internal and external triggers or cues are the first places we should look to change. To do this you have to bring them into awareness.


If you are tired of your habits and ready to seriously commit to changing them get in touch with Dr. Linda Wilson who has habits change at the core of her 12-month coaching programs. Coaching is ‘mindfulness in action’, deliberately bringing your mind to a problem or goal and creating and implementing what it takes to achieve it. Linda offers a complimentary 45-minute session so you can get some insight into what can change. 

Business and individual and group programs available. Call 5998 4554 and ask for Linda.


About the Author:

Linda is the owner and founder of Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre with her husband, Andrew. I believe the Body and Mind are one system which is dynamic and complex. You cannot have a thought without it being reflected in the body. It is this link between the two that ensures our mental and emotional wellbeing impacts our physical well being and visa-versa in both positive and negative ways. I also believe there are no ‘broken’ people.

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