Dr. Andrew Arnold asks the question, are you still using Artificial Sweeteners? Splenda, Aspartame, Saccharin?

If you haven’t heard this before, artificial sweeteners should not be part of a healthy diet.

Ever. Negative reactions like dizziness, weight gain, blurred vision, gastrointestinal upsets, migraines, seizures, and blood sugar increases are just a few of the side effects of sweeteners that are added to our foods in an attempt to lower the calorie content.

Not sure if this is causing a negative response for you?

To work out if you may be having a reaction to artificial sweeteners eliminate all the foods eg diet and low sugar foods and drinks, which have these additives in them.

After 2 weeks reintroduce the foods you most commonly use in at least 3-4 servings per day and pay attention to your body’s response.

Any negatives should convince you to permanently eliminate these and replace them with healthy, whole, natural and fresh foods which in the long run will be much better for you.

About the author:

Dr. Andrew Arnold is a Chiropractor from Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Ctr.

Category: Chiropractor, Nutrition

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