We recommend Regal Sleep Solutions

Your health professional may deem it clinically justifiable to review your sleep posture, mattress and pillow.


Do you need a new mattress or bed?

Do you find it hard falling asleep?
Does a stiff and sore back and neck cause you to wake?
Are you sleeping less than 7-8 hours?
Are you a tummy sleeper?
Do you have a tendency of falling asleep on the couch?
How old is your bed, more than 7-8 yrs old?
How old is your pillow, more than 2-3 yrs old?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, then it may be time to look at a new mattress!

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We spend about a third of our lives in bed (that’s approximately 220,000 hours over a lifetime). Our mattress and pillows are probably the most used furniture in the home. So to ensure a healthy night’s sleep, choosing the right mattress and pillow is important.

At Cranbourne Family Chiropractic, we understand everyone’s bedding requirements are different. This is why, we partner with Regal Sleep Solutions to assess and prescribe the right product for you.

Ask our reception or one of our practitioners for more information regarding the referral process.



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