• What happens if I need to change an appointment?

    No problem. We require 24 hours notice to change an appointment where possible. This ensures we are fair to other patients and clients who need your allotted time. If you forget to let us know and miss your time, or provide inadequate notice, we reserve the right to charge you the full fee for that time, unless extreme circumstances. This is noticed at our reception, on your receipts, on our website, blogs etc. Payment of this account is required prior to your next appointment.

  • Are services at Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre covered by private health insurance?

    In almost all cases all our services are covered.

  • Does Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre accept 3rd party claims, e.g.Workcover, TAC and DVA?

    Yes and no. Firstly Chiropractic is covered by Workcover, DVA and TAC. We only accept accounts however, with DVA. This means we are happy to manage your Workcover and TAC paperwork, i.e. reporting, Return to Work documentation, Certificates of capacity etc., but you will need to settle your accounts with us. We can assist by faxing your invoices directly to your case manager to hasten the process. Please note in some cases the reimbursement is less than we charge so there will be a gap. Myotherapy and Massage is covered by Workcover only and requires a GP referral. Please be aware Workcover still need to accept the claim before you seek reimbursement. All other therapies are not covered at this time.

  • Why do you need my Credit Card details as a New Patient?

    In order that we provide a fair opportunity to all our new and regular patients, it is very important we know you are committed to attending. We allow a significant amount of time for a new patient visit and a missed appointment may mean our regular patients miss out. So a credit card is simply used to secure your appointment. We do not charge it unless you fail to attend or provide less than 24hrs notice. An exception may apply under extreme circumstances.

  • What is an EPC or CDM plan and how does it work?

    An EPC is also known as an Enhanced Primary Care plan. This is now a redundant term, replaced with Chronic Disease Management Plan. This is a Medicare initiative where you may be entitled to up to 5 visits per year fully bulk billed under medicare. You will need to schedule either a long consultation or EPC consult with your GP to check your eligibility and have one issued. An EPC only covers Chiropractic treatment at this practice.

  • Are there special rates or discounts available?

    Yes absolutely. We reward our loyal customers. We offer special rates for concession holders, families, babies, children under 12 and any patient who chooses to see us on an on-going basis (See Care Plan). We also offer a Care Program for our regular clients.

  • Do I require a referral to see any of the practitioners?

    No. You are able to see any practitioner in our practice without a referral with the exception of Massage under Workcover which requires a GP referral.


  • Does the Chiropractor have to ‘crack’ my neck and back?

    Absolutely not. We offer a ‘no-crack’ technique which involves virtually no force. This is as effective as manual techniques and ideal for babies, Kids, and the elderly. We use tapping, Activator and Impulse instruments.

  • How long will I need to see the Chiropractor?

    This is an important question! The bottom line as long as you want to. Some patients see us mthly for years. Chiropractor’s do not ‘fix’ anything, they manage! Certainly you’re pain will be alleviated, you’re spine will re-align, but the big picture, it’s a life-long process, so as we see it, there really is no end point. Unless of course, you decide. We understand there are financial and logistical issues for you to consider. Just let us know.

  • Is Chiropractic safe for babies, children, during pregnancy and the elderly?

    Yes, in fact we strongly recommend it. We use non-crack techniques for babies, children and the elderly. These include brain training and kinesiology techniques. With pregnancy we have a table that can accommodate a growing tummy. If you have any concerns, our Chiropractors are happy to talk to you prior to coming in.

  • What is Tapping or EFT and how does it work?

    An EFT therapist practices a range of energy therapies. These are known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and SET (Simple Energy Techniques). EFT and SET Energy Therapies work by unblocking energy pathways through a process of physical Tapping. A helpful way to think of Tapping is like acupuncture without needles. Just as this ancient Chinese medicine technique helps heal millions of people by clearing blockages – so too can Tapping EFT.

  • I’m not a great sleeper, can you help?

    Yes. Our Chiropractors can arrange for you to have a FREE sleep consultation at Regal Sleep Solutions, Cranbourne to help determine if a new mattress is what’s required. Cranbourne Family Chiropractic has partnered with Regal to offer you a customised, prescription mattress. Ask our reception for more information, or simply pop into Regal, right next door to Genesis Gym.

  • What kinds of services are offered at Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre?

    We are ONE STOP SHOP! We offer Chiropractic; Myotherapy and Massage; Naturopathy and Nutritional Supplements; Hypnotherapy; Sleep Advice; Exercise Advice and Rehabilitation; EFT, Tapping and Stress Management; Custom Foot Orthotics; Prescription Mattresses and Pillows; Posture Poles; Exercise and Rehabilitation Equipment Sales.

  • What is a Myotherapist?

    Myotherapy (muscular therapy) uses a combination of techniques to firstly treat pain, and secondly rehabilitate your body for stronger, healthier living.
    It is particularly powerful for injuries or conditions connected with repetitive strain and chronic dysfunction or pain. These include:

    • Chronic back, shoulder, neck or knee pain
    • Headaches
    • Overuse or repetitive strain (from computer or other repetitive use activities), eg. Tennis elbow; Frozen shoulder; Sprained ankle; Shin splints; Numbness and tingling.

    You may be experiencing a range of symptoms from stiffness or inflexibility through to acute pain. Please contact with any issue or query.


  • What is the difference between foot orthotics at Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre, and those prescribed by a podiatrist?

    Chiropractors’ recommend and prescribe Foot Levelers Inc., the largest supplier of custom made orthotics to the Chiropractic profession. Up to 16 measurements are taken from your foot scan. Normally, when we stand our weight is distributed along three arches in the foot ending at the heel (50-60%) and at the ball of the foot (40-50%).

    Collapse or dysfunction of any of these arches places more pressure on the other two and will eventually lead to osteo-arthritic degeneration and pain, both in the foot and elsewhere. This may mean knee, hip, spinal and pelvic chronic symptoms. Furthermore, your feet are asymmetrical, this can have major ramifications for your whole body balance and neurological well being.

    For this reason, and in addition to a thorough clinical examination, it is essential to assess your spine using xray analysis and your weight distribution using OUR FOOT SCANNER.

    A podiatrist is more concerned with actual foot and ankle problems and will recommend a different type of orthotic.

  • I understand Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre can organise a mattress for me. How would this be different from simply going to a bed store?

    The differences are our product is a prescription only mattress, the only one of its kind, a patented design, and we offer a VIP service. To be eligible simply request a ‘Free Bed Consultation’ with our resident Chiropractor, Dr. Andrew Arnold. Andrew will discuss with you the range of mattresses and recommend the best one for you. A prescription is then provided and, with your consent, we will arrange for the store manager of Regal Mattresses, Cranbourne to contact directly to arrange a VIP consultation at the store. You will then be taken thru the Chiropractic range. As a VIP, there is a 30 day full money back guarantee aswell as a 15 year workmanship guarantee. This offer only extends to patients or clients referred from Cranbourne Family Chiropractic, and remember, there is no obligation. If this range doesn’t suit, the store manager will be happy to recommend another product. 100% Customer satisfaction is our goal!

  • What products are sold at Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre?

    We sell a range of products that fall under the following categories:

    • Prescriptive Custom Foot Orthotics.
    • Prescriptive Custom Mattresses.
    • Nutritional supplements (and a unique patient ordering system).
    • Rehabilitation and Exercise Equipment.
    • Posture Poles.
    • Posture Medics.
    • Generic foot orthotics