Dr. Andrew Arnold talks about ways to get a better nights sleep.

1.        Sleep meditation

This method had helped me tremendously through those sleepless nights and I can’t recommend this enough. Gentle breathing in meditation helps bring awareness to the body and promotes overall relaxation. For beginners who don’t know where to start, a guided meditation audio track might be helpful. You can either get CDs from the stores or simply type guided sleep meditation on your search engines and there should be plenty of videos with different lengths for you to pick.

2.        Switching off an hour before bed time

It is important for our brain to completely shut off from the lights and sounds from the environment to begin a restful sleep. Even the faintest light shone from electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops or street lights has been proven to affect quality of sleep. Therefore it is important to allow an hour before bedtime to focus on just lying in bed and not staring at electronic devices as this promotes brain stimulation-the last thing you need for a restful sleep.   Many people read before bed but this is not recommended as reading stimulates the brain as well.

3.        Make your bed room a sanctuary of rest

Investing in a quality mattress and pillow are essential to ensure proper relaxation of your mind and body. A good mattress and pillow prevents spinal pain from affecting your sleep. Some Chiropractic patients have also reported having less pain, more restful sleep and more energy when they’re awake after investing in a mattress suited to their spinal condition and the way they sleep.

4.        Exercising

Better sleep adds onto the list along many other benefits that exercising bring. The hormones released from exercising have been known to reduce levels of anxiety. This will in turn help people who suffer from insomnia due to anxiety. More studies are proving that insomnia is linked to sedentary lifestyle so more moving and less sitting! Do note that sleep specialists often recommend exercising during the day as exercising is a stimulant that increases body temperature, which is not ideal for relaxation.

5.        Natural food

Vitamin B6 is essential for the production of a sleep-promoting hormone call melatonin. This vitamin can be found in fishes such as salmon and tuna. Eating a banana before bedtime is encouraged as it contains potassium and also Vitamin B6. Magnesium helps muscle relax which promotes sleep and also helps you stay asleep. Food that contains high level of magnesium are dark green leafy vegetables, nuts and wholegrains.

This article was prepared by Dr. Andrew Arnold from Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre, 03 59984554

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