Dr. Andrew Arnold talk about the 5 best reasons to see a Naturopath?

  1. You are what you eat! Your Naturopath will determine exactly what foods you need and which ones you don’t according to your body and health needs.
  2. Don’t rattle with pills! Your Naturopath will determine an exact prescription ensuring you only take what you need and your supplements interact properly with other medications.
  3. All my GP blood tests appear normal but I still don’t feel right! Your Naturopath will help you fill in the gaps, with allergy, cholesterol, pH, zinc tallies, blood sugar and an array of tests NOT performed by your GP.
  4. I don’t want to complicate my GP treatment. Naturopath treatment supports and compliments Medical care helping it work much more effectively. Naturopaths work with GP’s to help you reach the best outcomes.
  5. Naturopaths understand natural health care. Naturopaths are well positioned both in training and experience to manage you and your family’s natural health care, working with your doctor and other professionals to ensure you maintain the very best of health.


Our Naturopaths are trained at the highest standards and offer years of experience. You can elect an acute, short appointment to attend to a relatively simple problem such as cough or cold, or a longer consult to get to a deeper issue.

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It’s time to take charge of your health!

About the author:

Dr. Andrew Arnold is a Chiropractic Doctor, and Owner, Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre.

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