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10 ways you can benefit from Massage

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Stimulates and detoxifies the body

The Lymph system is the body’s own defenses system against any toxins and or impurities. Massage therapy stimulates blood flow to the muscles, organ’s and tissue to flush out the toxins/ impurities that are stored and improves health and digestion.


Relieves pain

Massage therapy blocks out the nervous system pain and increases the rate of blood flow to the muscles. It can also upsurge mobility to the joints to help reduce pain with arthritis, migraines, pregnancy, and cancer.

Reduces stress

Massage therapy can calm down the body and relaxes the mind helping reduce stress levels by decreasing cortisol levels. Considering the detrimental effect of stress on your body.

Prepare and Recover

As known athletes have massages before and after their events leading up to the big event. But also it will help the tightness and muscle soreness and keep joints mobile and flexibility.

Regulates body sugar levels

Massage therapy can help regulates blood sugar levels of people with and without diabetes. Blood sugar levels are reduced and this allows for greater mobility and elasticity in the body. Also in relating to blood sugar massage therapy can also help with anxiety and depression.

Boost your immunity

As the known the immune system is known is to fend off and virus, bacterial infections and cold/flu’s. Massage therapy can help boost your immunity and increase your body`s natural ability to protect itself and keep you healthy.

Increases circulation

Massage allows blood flow and also stimulates the lymphatic system. When applied pressure, stimulates and relieves pain, your circulation is at hard work pumping blood to oxygen and nutrients. There are certain techniques will allow blood flow to the lymph and drain out any toxins

Massage helps reduce pain for long hours or sitting and driving.

The average Australian sits down 8-9 hours a day, either at a desk or behind a wheel. Causing the shoulders become pulled forward and rounded, upper lower back tend to become over-stretched and weak. Massage therapy can alleviate pain.

Recover from injury faster

Massage therapy can break the scar tissue for more efficient movement. It can also improve functional abilities and range of motion

It feels wonderful

In addition to all the health benefits of Massage Therapy boosts endorphins, the same hormone associated with ‘runner high’. If you have never had a professional massage, now is your time to try!

About the Author:

Zoe Mnapu is a year 11 High School student who has completed work experience at Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre.

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