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‘Serving the Cranbourne community for over 22 years’

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Cranbourne Family Chiropractic


Under stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne, although chiropractic practices are permitted to remain open, there are very specific conditions under which we can see you and you need to assess your eligibilty for an appointment. We must do this as a legal requirement.

Stage 4 restrictions are aligned to Victoria’s current State of Disaster and are focused on saving and protecting the lives of all Victorian’s through restricting non-essential movement across the state for the next five weeks.


  1. No referral required
  2. Routine (maintenance) care is not permitted

You do not need a medical referral to see the Chiropractor, however, in areas where stage 4 restrictions apply, Chiropractic care must only be provided if not having it would result in a significant change/deterioration in your functional independence which may then require you to:

  1. Require specialist input/review
  2. Create an increase in care needs
  3. To avoid a hospital admission or emergency department presentation.

For this reason, Chiropractic care can only be provided if it is considered ‘essential’ until Sept. 13 (at this stage) and where not receiving care is likely to lead to a significant deterioration in your health or wellbeing.

In all other circumstances we are not permitted to see you for a face-to-face consultation.

This is a legal requirement.

As a practitioner we must exercise our professional judgment when considering whether to provide face-to-face care in the current circumstances.

Over the next few days and weeks we will need to screen all patients to clarify if you need urgent care or whether your care can be delayed. If you are unsure please call and we can discuss. Missed appointment fees are waived under Stage 4 restrictions.

The DHHS advises that if you attend for a consultation and do not meet the definition of need, as set out above, we can not provide care and must ask you to return home.

It is our legal and professional obligation to do so in the interests of all Victorians.