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Your immediate health and long term wellbeing is our focus. Our team of experienced specialists work together. So you get faster, longer-lasting recovery from pain, ongoing care that puts you in control, and the tools and relationships for your self-managed wellness.

With over 100 years combined experience, we are the leading Allied Health Practice in Cranbourne.

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Happy woman celebrating weight loss

“Being overweight is not a problem but rather it’s a success.

In order to be overweight, you’ve got to do all the right things to put the weight on and to keep it on. You’ve got to love food. You’ve got to …

Mature woman celebrating weight loss on a medical weight scale.

‘Virtual Gastric Band’ Weight Loss Hypnosis Program has arrived at Cranbourne Family Chiro!!

Just in time to avoid the Xmas overindulge you can save yourself the usual post-Xmas regrets. The Virtual Gastric Band weight loss program offered by our Clinical …


Benefits of combining Chiropractic and Myotherapy

Over my 30+ years in practice (yes I’m that old), I have worked solo as a Remedial Massage Therapist, a Naturopath and a Chiropractor. For the main part however, …

Woman suffering from chronic joint rheumatism


It is a very common misconception that any time we have pain on the outside of the elbow we automatically think it is ‘tennis elbow’.  In a lot of overuse cases …

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